As explained in Tips at 10 with Carlo Vitale, Chris Jost from All American Tank
Sweep explains what happens in a tank sweep in a “Home Schooled” video blog.
Having a underground tank sweep is one of the most important things you can do
prior to purchasing a home. Tank sweeps will reveal the presence of an underground
oil tank on any property you intend on purchasing. Simply put, it consists of scanning
the property looking for metallic anomalies, which reveal the presence of metal
objects underground, as well as a visual inspection for clues such as unused or
disconnected copper lines. Therefore, it is imperative that a tank sweep is done to
protect your interest as a “soon to be” home owner.

A tank sweep usually costs around 250 dollars. If such a tank is found, however,
removal of the tank typically costs between 12-15 thousand dollars. Again, having a
tank sweep is a very important part of home buying process. It is a very inexpensive
way to avoid a costly or expensive repair in the future.

Please continue to check this blog as well as watch Tips at 10 with Carlo Vital for
important tips on the home inspection process.