Sewer Line Inspections

We are certified to complete Sewer Line Inspections in NJ and PA.

Professional and Affordable Sewer Line Inspections

Vitale Inspection Services LLC offers affordable Sewer Line Inspections that can be completed as a standalone service or bundled with your home inspection. Property buyers often try to save money by skipping this service and waiting until a problem arises after purchase to have their lines inspected for blockages and other damage. However, the cost of the inspection itself is far more affordable than the price of repairing or replacing a sewer line of a property you’ve already purchased. Save yourself the extra money and headache by scheduling a Sewer Line Inspection today!



  • $250 when added to your general inspection
  • $300 when scheduled as a standalone service

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Sewer lines aren’t readily visible like most of the home’s other important components. Because of this, many buyers tend to underestimate the importance of a Sewer Line Inspection. Don’t let your sewer lines be an afterthought – especially in older homes! The lines carry the important responsibility of removing all of the waste from your home that comes from toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks.
Just like the line itself can’t be easily seen, the problems that arise go unseen as well. Unfortunately, the longer an issue in the line goes undetected, the bigger the problem becomes and the more money it will eventually cost the property owner.

We Check Sewer Lines For…

  • Damage from tree roots
  • Blockages caused by grease buildup
  • Blockages caused by food or waste
  • Cracks or breaks in the line
  • Poor overall condition
  • Age of building materials used

What the Sewer Line Inspections Entails

We use a small but high-quality camera at the end of a scope to inspect sewer lines. We will insert the scope into an accessible trap and snake it down through the line while we inspect the image on a monitor. Along with finding the existence and severity of damages or blockages, our camera also allows us to pinpoint the location of an issue so that it can be repaired effectively and without guesswork.

Contact Vitale Inspection Services now to schedule a Sewer Line Inspection or bundle the service with your home inspection.