As seen in the most recent “Home Schooled,” a sewer line inspection is another feature of the home inspection process that is becoming more important. For those who have experienced a sewer line backup at any time, it is a major headache that can lead to considerable expense. Therefore, whether you are buying or selling a home, a sewer line inspection should be done to ensure unexpected problems will not arise during the transactional process.

A sewer line inspection basically consists of two (2) separate components. First, assuming your home has an unfinished basement, an inspector can inspect your sewer line visually to see if the pipe is operating properly within the house. This typically consists of the inspector turning on your dishwasher, washer, sinks, and flushing your toilets to see if any leaks are present. In short, this helps to determine if there are any backups within the confines of your home.

Next, it must be determined if there are any problems with the sewer line from the outside of your home to the street. As you can expect, this is more problematic because you simply cannot see the sewer line since it is underground. Having trees in your yard can cause problems with the sewer line because their roots can infiltrate the sewer line. Therefore, a specialized camera must be sent through the sewer line to determine if there are any issues present and make sure there is no backup. Having a sewer line inspection conducted can save you considerable money whether buying or selling a home. Such an inspection might reveal a minor problem that results in a quick, easy, and inexpensive repair. On the other hand, the inspection could also reveal a major issue that needs to be addressed before you put your home on the market or, in the alternative, prevent you from purchasing a home because a major backup is imminent. As we stated earlier, sewer line backups are a major headache. Avoid the headache and have the sewer line inspection conducted.

Here at Vitale Inspection Services we are pleased to announce that we will be conducting sewer line inspections in the near future. Given the vital nature of such an inspection, we believe this will greatly serve our clients going forward in not only saving them money, but providing them with peace of mind during home buying or selling process.

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