As seen in the most recent “Home Schooled,” all the recent rain and snow in our area has required many homeowners to address issues with their outside drainage system. Typically, the outside drainage system of a home consists of sump pump, gutters, and downspouts. In short, all of these “systems” makes sure water flows away from the home so as not to build up around the foundation, thereby causing damage.

What Issues Water Drainage Causes

When the water is taken away from a home by the outside drainage system, it can build up in low lying areas of your property. Specifically, large amounts of water can “puddle” or “pond” in certain areas of your front or backyard as well other areas around the home. As you can expect, this can be problematic since these areas essentially become mud puddles and quite messy. As a result, it is important to know there are certain improvements you can undertake to your outside drainage system to prevent such puddles and/or ponding.

What You Can Do

As demonstrated in the “Home Schooled” video along with the assistance of my father, you can install a dry well in the low lying areas of your backyard. In short, the sump pump discharge and/or downspouts can be placed underground, wherein they can discharge water into a dry well that is placed approximately three (3) feet in the ground into a pit. The dry well will catch and/or collect all the water and disperse the same underground. Just make sure the well and other measures are all installed at least five (5) feet away from your property line.

This, in turn, will prevent the water from puddling and/or ponding on top of your lawn. More importantly, the water is still being properly discharged away from the home so as not to cause damage to the foundation or areas. Practically speaking, you and your family once again get to enjoy the yard without the mess.

Next Time

Next week, please be sure to tune in to the next Tip at Ten in the next version of “Home Schooled.” Also, please continue to check this blog periodically for vital information about the home inspection process.