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This is an exciting time in the world of investment properties. Both short- and long-term rentals are thriving, so if you’re adjusting your portfolio or ready to embark in management, the future is bright. Vitale Inspection Services offers these resources to help ensure you get started off on the right foot.


Familiarize Yourself with Industry Trends

Apartment Living Is the Future: Why High-Rise is the New Dream

This is Why Apartment Prices are Always Changing

Global Vacation Rental Market Share, Size, Trends… 2015 to 2025

AirBnB 2021 Travel Trends Point to Renewed Demand for Vacation Rentals


The Business of Rental Properties

How to Start a Rental Property Business Like a Pro

Legal Issues to Consider When Starting a Business
Form Your New Jersey LLC Online Today


Getting to Know Rental Properties

Turn to Vitale Inspection Services When You Decide On a Property

Landlord Responsibilities and Duties of a Tenant

What You Need to Know About Tenant Rights in New Jersey

Free Rental/Lease Agreement

Short-Term (Vacation) Rental Lease Agreement


Market Your Property Properly

In a Crowded Market, Full-Service Is the Future of Vacation Rental Management

The Best Budget-Friendly Upgrades for Your Rental Property

Guide to Marketing Your Rental Property

3 Tips for Marketing and Building Your Vacation Rental Business


If you’re contemplating making investment properties your financial ballgame, the time is ripe to get started. Industry trends are in your favor, just get familiar with your responsibilities and market wisely. You’ll be starting out on the right foot.

To ensure your investment purchase will be worthwhile, turn to the experts at Vitale Inspection Services so you know exactly what you’ll be getting into. Reach out today to get started! 609-751-8048