In the most recent version of “Home Schooled,” we focused on an important value not only in business, but in life: communication. While this may seem like a basic idea, the concept of good communication is vitally important. In short, good communication allows us to better ourselves and make our relationships with those around us worthwhile.

After attending a women’s council meeting in Mercer County, we discussed the different communication styles people utilize and the conflict that can arise therefrom. It was explained that people typically use one of four communication styles outlined in the acronym DISC: (1) dominant; (2) interactive; (3) supportive; or (4) conscientious. Dependent upon a particular person’s communication style, we need to learn how to adapt and properly communicate with them. As you can expect, everybody is different. Therefore, learning and properly adjusting to differing communication styles will be beneficial for everyone and help convey your desired messages and/or ideas.

In the home inspection field, the need to communicate is vital. To this end, our office strives to be aware of the differing types of people we are dealing with to better communicate certain aspects of the home inspection process. For example, we communicate many things to our clients during a home inspection, including the steps we are taking to conduct the inspection, the issues regarding a particular home, and the steps that may be needed to rectify those issues. Dependent upon the role of our client, i.e. a buyer, developer, investor, etc., it is necessary to communicate the aspects of the home inspection that are most important to them so their needs and/or goals are being met.

Above all, however, is the need to communicate to our clients that we are there for them. For whatever our clients might need, we want to communicate that we will lead them through each step of the home inspection process. Quite simply, it is clear that good communication is one of the bedrock principles we adhere to and strive for at Vitale Inspection Services, L.L.C. As previously stated, good communication is an important value not only in business, but in life.

Next week, please be sure to tune in to the next Tip at Ten in the next version of “Home Schooled.” Also, please continue to check this blog periodically for vital information about the home inspection process.