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At Vitale Inspection Services, we are Certified Chimney Sweeps through the CSIA, the most trusted and respected institute in the industry. We uphold superior standards in all of the work we do, going above and beyond to help our clients maintain a safe living space. Our chimney inspections adhere to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) rigorous standards and protocols, including a tiered inspection system designed to protect your investment in exactly the way that is needed at any given time. 

Two Tiers to Choose From

In accordance with NFPA procedures, we offer a Level I and Level II chimney inspection service. We do not offer the more structurally invasive Level III service, but it may be recommended depending upon the assessed condition of your home’s chimney system.  

Level I Inspection

A Level I Inspection is the base evaluation that is recommended for all of our clients in order to determine whether or not the chimney’s existing condition meets standards suitable for ongoing use without further intervention. The chimney inspection focuses on the readily accessible and visible components of the venting system, connected appliances, enclosing structure, and the flue to ensure that no restrictions or blockages have developed over time. 

A Level I Inspection is recommended for the following circumstances:


  • Each time a chimney sweep or cleaning is conducted
  • During routine assessments of the chimney’s venting system (an annual inspection is recommended by the NFPA 
  • When connected appliances are scheduled to be replaced with similarly rated components

Level II Inspection

A Level II Inspection is a more comprehensive option, recommended for when the appliances or venting systems are being significantly altered—or when a Level I inspection is otherwise indicative of the need for a more detailed assessment. 

Specifically, we’ll recommend a Level II Inspection at these junctures:

  • If an appliance is being replaced with a substantially different design, including changes to input rating and efficiency of the component in question 
  • Before work begins on the relining of the flue 
  • When a real estate transaction is imminent or recently finalized
  • After an event that is suspected to have caused damage to the chimney, such as when a fire has previously occurred


The Level II Inspection fulfills all of the standards of the Level I Inspection, with the addition of detailed evaluations for the following components when accessible:


  • Attic, basement, and crawl space
  • Chimney construction (interior, exterior, & connections)
  • Flue interior and lining (material & sizing assessment)
  • Safe clearance for combustibles in all readily accessible areas

Level III Inspection

Video Scanning

Video scanning may be used during a Level II inspection when necessary to more closely evaluate the flue interior. This is especially beneficial when the chimney system has sustained potential damage from fires, natural disasters, and other destructive events. Our specialized camera enables us to investigate areas of the chimney system that may not otherwise be visible or accessible. 

Under certain circumstances, a Level III Inspection may be recommended after our Level II assessment. We do not offer this inspection service, but we’ll be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction. A Level III Inspection requires invasive procedures that must be undertaken in order to evaluate areas of the chimney and home that cannot be safely and reasonably accessed otherwise.


When Was Your Last Chimney Sweep?

We strongly recommend that chimney sweeps are scheduled in late summer or early fall, prior to the fireplace being used by residents. When a home catches fire, it can be life-altering in the worst of ways—but this type of regular maintenance can help reduce and eliminate the risks. Additionally, having our technicians conduct a chimney sweep will help to clear blockages that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a serious invisible danger that strikes quickly when poor conditions permit. A routine chimney sweep is essential to protecting your home and health, preserving your peace of mind while making it easier to truly enjoy the time you spend at home—as well as the time you spend away!

At Vitale Inspection Services, we offer comprehensive Chimney Inspections and Chimney Sweep services that will allow you and your family to stay warm around the fireplace without constantly worrying about the safety and condition of your home. Contact us today to ask about pricing details and to schedule an appointment.


Chimney Sweeps

Our CSIA-certified technicians are also able to conduct comprehensive chimney sweeps for our clients. We’re not only highly qualified, but we also implement the most superior tools and tech to ensure that we get the job done right, without leaving a mess behind in your living space. Our process is to brush away as much soot and creosote as possible without damaging your home’s fireplace or chimney system, working both from the interior and exterior of the home. We’ll then thoroughly clean the area, including soot that has fallen onto the smoke shelf and firebox. 

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