As seen in the most recent “Home Schooled,” one common issue that is routinely found during a home inspection is the lack of an anti-tip device or anti-tip bracket on a stove. Quite simply, anti-tip devices/brackets are safety devices for children that prevent a stove from being able to be tipped over. To this end, the anti- tip devices are installed on the back of the stove and screwed into the bottom of the floor. As you can expect, children often attempt to pull down an oven door and then either climb on top of the door or put their weight on the door. This can result in the stove tipping over on top of them.

Unfortunately, last year, there were approximately 143 incidents of children becoming injured because of a stove not containing an anti-tip device, 33 of which resulted in fatalities. Therefore, the installation of an anti-tip device on your stove is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring the safety of your children. Moreover, possessing an anti-tip device on your stove is usually required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy when you are selling a home. As a result, make sure you have an anti-tip device installed.

As demonstrated in the “Home Schooled” video, checking to see if your stove has an anti-tip device is quite simple. First, grab the back of the stove and put your foot at the base of the stove. Then, pull forward, bracing the bottom of the stove with your foot. If the stove is able to be lifted forward and off the ground, you do not have an anti-tip device installed.

If you do not have an anti-tip device, don’t panic. Every stove comes with one and they are quite easy to install. Additionally, anti-tip devices are available in almost every home improvement store around. After locating an anti-tip device, install the same on the back of the stove and screw it into the floor. If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, please contact a qualified professional. Nevertheless, make sure you have an anti-tip device on your stove. Without it, a potentially dangerous situation can result.

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