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Open Ground: Common Problem, Easy Fix

As seen in most recent “Home Schooled,” a common issue found during the home inspection process is when an outlet and/or wire has an “open ground.” In simple terms, when a wire is not properly “ground,” it is a safety issue that can compromise the integrity of your...

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Foreclosure Properties: Stay On Top of The Bank

As seen in most recent “Home Schooled,” there has been a drastic increase in the purchase of foreclosed homes since the recent recession.  As such, there are certain tips a prospective buyer should know when buying a foreclosure property since the process is different...

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Tank Sweep: Best Insurance Policy

As explained in Tips at 10 with Carlo Vitale, Chris Jost from All American Tank Sweep explains what happens in a tank sweep in a “Home Schooled” video blog. Having a underground tank sweep is one of the most important things you can do prior to purchasing a home. Tank...

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